• Having trouble getting perfect pizza from your new wood-fired pizza oven?
  • Need some help making the perfect pizza base?
Lots of smoke indicates the oven isn’t up to temperature yet.

Don’t panic the Alfresco Cook can help. He can teach you how to light the perfect fire, and make great pizza dough.

We come to you with enough firewood and pizza dough for 8 pizzas. We will show you how to:
  • prepare your oven
  • light the fire
  • Prepare your own pizza dough
  • Check the oven temperature
  • Cook the perfect pizza in minutes
  • Prepare and store your firewood
Lighting the fire is easy if you build it correctly out of dry wood.

Pizza in Oven
A combination of heat in the oven base and naked flame cook the pizza perfectly.


For more information contact the Alfresco Cook.